Report from the show 2019

Once again I thank all new and old members for submitting their entries and making the competition another great success.  We had 181 photographs entered, not the highest number we have ever received but the judge stated that the quality of the entries overall was very high, I would like to remind you of the changes made last year which still apply to this year’s competition. 

I’m sending out the new schedule early again to enable you to start taking your photographs to capture all of the seasons, I’m sure we’ll have some great photographs for next year.  Please keep this schedule in a safe place for your reference. 

The procedure for entering your photographs will remain the same as in previous years, however, please note the closing date for entries will be xxxxxxxxxxx to enable the judge to complete his work, this has proved to be very successful on previous occasions and the photographs will then be displayed on both days of the show.  The Judge for the Photography Competition will be confirmed soon, a local amateur photographer who has a keen interest in wildlife and landscape photography. 

Competitors will bring their photographs to the Show Ground Pavilion at Unthank Park, Stanhope on either Sunday 8th September between 3pm and 5pm or Monday 9th September between 5.30pm and 7pm. 

How to enter your photographs; 

  1. Write the number of the section you are entering on the back of the photograph. 
  1. Bring your photographs to the show ground pavilion at a time mentioned above. Or post your entries to me the address is above with the correct payments. Postal order or cheque are acceptable but let me know which sections you need them in. 
  1. Give your name, address, contact phone number, e-mail address if you have one and the entry fee to the Secretary. 
  1. You will be given your competition number and entry cards to fill in and to be attached to your photographs. 
  1. Following the closing date, all entries will be sent for judging on Tuesday 10th September. 
  1. The Section Secretary will display all photographs entered on both days of the show. 

No entries will be taken after the 9th September. 

Entry Fees 

Sections   1 to 12 – Entry fee is 50p per entry. 

Sections 13 to 16 – Junior class is 25p per entry. 

Sections 17 to 20 – Entry fee is 50p per entry. 

Competitors who spend £5 on entry fees between Sections 1 to 12 and 17 to 20 and £2.50 in the Junior Section 13 to 16 will qualify for one free entry ticket.  Competitors who qualify for free entry tickets will be issued the tickets on receipt of the photographs. 

Please note that competitors are allowed only three photographs per section. 

Entries submitted may not have previously won a prize at Stanhope Show. 

Entries must be the work of the exhibitor. 

Photographs must be no larger than 148mm x 210mm (A5), except for sections 17 to 20 where A4 size is the maximum size accepted. Mount border no more than 37.5mm around the print (1½”). 

Larger entries will not be judged.  Framed prints cannot be accepted.  All photographs will be in colour unless stated otherwise. 

Prize Money 

1st prize: £5, 2nd prize: £3, 3rd prize: £2 unless otherwise stated. 

 Section sponsors are being sought to award further prizes. 

Please Note: The photographic display will take place in the Ridley Suite exhibition building at the entrance to Unthank Park; the photographs will be displayed on both Saturday and Sunday. 

The photographer with the most points in Sections 1-12 will be awarded a trophy sponsored by The Weardale Gazette. 

Prize trophies will be awarded for best photograph in Sections: 1-12, 13-16 and 17-20. 


  1. Trees 
  1. Landscapes 

Ernie Willey Perpetual Trophy Awarded 

      1ST £10.00 2ND £5.00 3RD £2.50 

  1. Architecture and Buildings 
  1. Reflections 
  1. Humorous Photograph (With Caption attach to the front) 
  1. Wildlife (Wild Animal, Birds or Insects). 

      Sponsored by George Wall, Perpetual Trophy Awarded 

1ST £10.00 2ND £5.00 3RD £2.50 

  1. Close-up Study (Any Subject) 
  1. A Photograph Depicting Weardale.  Any subject matter, the location of where the photograph was taken must be stated. 

      Sponsored by John Guyon, Perpetual Executive Languages Trophy Awarded. 

      1ST £10.00 2ND £5.00 3RD £2.50 

  1. Water 
  1. Multi-coloured 
  1. Transport 

Junior Section – Entrants up to 16 years of age. 

(All Juniors may enter adult classes) 

  1. Selfies 
  1. holidays 
  1. Any Subject 
  1. My family  

For The More Serious Photographer!!! 

  1. Tools of the Trade 

      Prize money added by Chris Cruddas 

1ST £10.00 2ND £5.00 3RD £2.50 

  1. Winter 

1ST £10.00 2ND £5.00 3RD £2.50 

      Sponsored by Gerry and Elaine Stallard, Perpetual Trophy Awarded 

  1. Wild flowers of the countryside in their natural surroundings. 

Sponsored by George Wall, Perpetual Trophy Awarded 

      1ST £10.00 2ND £5.00 3RD £2.50 

  1. Night sky with moon 

Display opens at 12pm on both Saturday and Sunday for viewing. 

  1. Photographs, prize money and trophies are to be collected at 4pm on Sunday 15th 
  1. Anyone unable to collect their photographs can collect them at my home address by arrangement or leave an envelope with an address and correct Post Office postage label. 
  1. Photographs not collected after 30 days will be disposed of. 


Section secretary

Section Secretary: Bernard Moralee, 6 Proudfoot Drive Bishop Auckland County Durham DL14 6NX 

Tel. No. 01388 664087