Saturday 14th September 2024

Section Secretary: Bernard Moralee

6 Proudfoot Drive Bishop Auckland County Durham DL14 6NX

Tel No. 01388 664087


All classes are open to children and adults.

Under 18 years 40p per entry. Adults 80p per entry for adults.
Competitors who spend £8 on entry fees (£3.00 under age 18) will qualify for one free entry ticket which will be issued on receipt of the photographs.
Entry fees are cash or BACS only. Please contact Mr Moralee for bank details.
Entrants can be posted to my home address above or be brought on the dates at the pavilion in Stanhope show ground.
Dates to drop off photos at the stanhope show pavilion are: Sunday 8th of September 2024 3pm to 8pm and Monday 9th of September 2024 5pm to 8pm. This is the closing date.
The photographic display opens at 12noon Saturday 14th September in the Ridley Suite for viewing and closes at 4.30pm. Prize money will be handed out on Saturday 14th between 4.30pm and 6pm.

Photographs must be collected Saturday afternoon between 4 and 6pm. Uncollected photographs and prizes will only be kept for 30 days.

Photographs size is a minimum of A5 size. Small borders are allowed.

Classes 1-10 prize money is 1st prize £5.00, 2nd £3.00, 3rd £2.00
Best in show photograph will be chosen from all classes.
1.Landscapes – Ernie Willey Perpetual Trophy Awarded.
2.Wildlife (Wild Animal, Birds or Insects). Sponsored by George Wall, Perpetual Trophy Awarded.
3.A Photograph Depicting Weardale. Any subject matter, the location of where the photograph was taken must be stated. Sponsored by John Guyon, Perpetual Executive Languages Trophy Awarded.
4.Wildflowers of the countryside in their natural surroundings. Sponsored by George Wall, Perpetual Trophy Awarded
5.Stanhope show from past to present
6.Buildings set in landscape
7.The seaside
8.Best dog snaps
9.Farm animals
10.The great outdoors