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The application form is below.

You are applying for outside trade stand space which DOES NOT include any marquee, shelter, tent, table or chairs. Only complete the form if you have your own gazebo, marquee, tent or trailer.

The cost is £8 per linear foot based on the frontage of your trade stand.  If you require space alongside your trade stand to access the back of your stand, this must be ordered and paid for.  Please include the depth of your marquee, gazebo, trailer or stand.  We endeavour to accommodate depth but this cannot be guaranteed. 

Price held for 2024

The minimum size of stand is 12′ which costs £96 for both days.  There is no VAT on this price. 

Please note that completing and returning an application form DOES NOT guarantee you a place at Stanhope Show.  Whilst we will make every effort to accommodate your stand; we aim to provide a diverse range of trade stands.  As you will appreciate this is better for both visitor and trader. 

All traders must supply a certificate of Public Liability Insurance. 

**We are not accepting applications from trade stands serving hot or cold food, ice cream vendors, burger & take away vans or any other food intended to be consumed on site in 2024.  We do not accept applications from mobile bars serving alcohol or soft drinks.  Please do not send applications in.  

**Fair ground rides, prize games and tombola type stands should not complete an application form. 

**IMPORTANT. When booking trade stand space make sure if you require a walkway at the side of your stand you book extra space for this. Space is at a premium and if you book 12 feet that is what you get. There is no additional room allocated for walkways to the rear of your stand.** 

In case of query please contact Lisa Johnstone, General Secretary on generalsecretary@stanhopeshow.com 

Terms and Conditions for Trade Stand owners and those managing the trade stands. These must be read and adhered to. 

Outside trade stand application form

Please provide a brief description
It is important you include your postcode
Minimum frontage is 12' and the cost of your stand is worked out by the frontage size. Costs are £8 per linear foot. So the minimum 12' frontage stand is £96.
eg. marquee, trailer, caravan, awning, etc
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Outside trade stand space

Annually we welcome thousands of visitors to Stanhope Show which provides an excellent opportunity to get your business in front of an appreciative audience.   We aim to ensure a diversity of trade stands and as such we will not accept multiple applications from businesses of a similar nature. 

Trade stand space

You can book space for your own marquee, gazebo or trailer.  You will need to provide your own gazebo, table, chairs etc.  We do not provide any equipment.  Please note when booking that the measurements are exact.  If you book 20 feet frontage that is what you get and if you need extra space to access the rear of your trade stand please book extra space.