Produce, Handicrafts & Children’s Classes

Schedule for 2024 released in May

Saturday 14th September 2024

Section Secretary

Mrs Suzette Jopling, 16 Hill End, Frosterley, Bishop Auckland, Co Durham, DL13 2SX.

Telephone No. 07719613159

Entry Secretary 

Mrs Julie Hanson, Barrington House, 12 High Street, Stanhope, Bishop Auckland, Co Durham, DL13 2UR. Telephone No. 07837207081

E-mail address:

How to get involved

There is a wide variety of classes and we really love when we get lots of entries from our local community, and from those further afield.

All are welcome to enter!

Entries add vibrancy and colour to the show.

There is always something new appearing within this section if you are interested in handicrafts whatever media they may be i.e. needlecraft, soft toys, knitting, painting whether it be oil, water colour or a pencil sketch, there is something for everyone to have a go at. 

Anybody who would like to help on show day with stewarding duties when the section is open to the public, please contact us your help would be gratefully appreciated. 

Hints and tips to help you take part

Hints and tips from our section secretaries…everything you ever wanted to know about entering an exhibit into Stanhope Show 

Have you ever been to a show and thought “I can do better than that!” Well why not try your hand at entering our show? Every exhibitor, even the experienced ones started somewhere and it isn’t really anything to be scared of, you may surprise yourself and win a prize. 

  • Study the schedule carefully and choose which classes suit you best. All exhibits need an exhibition card which the secretary will send you after receiving your entries. Do not make any alterations to the front of the card as this will result in disqualification, but write your name and address  on the back in the space provided, you do not need put your full address, name and village is suffice. 
  • Always look carefully at the schedule and check that your exhibits comply with the regulations set down for each class, (i.e. size and number). 
  • When several items are requested they should be as uniformly alike as possible in size , colour and shape 
  • Read the rules of entry carefully and abide by them. 
  • Try out new recipes and practice your entries for the show well in advance. 
  • Pack all items suitably so that they arrive safely, if possible take two, accidents do happen 
  • Allow plenty of time for staging your exhibits 
  • Give a thought to your presentation, good presentation may be the deciding factor if the competition is close 
  • Preserve Jars should be labelled with contents, date and year of making. Jams, jellies and marmalade may have either wax circle and cellophane top or a screw metal top which provides a good seal (No brand labels must be on display). Jars for pickles should have a solid, vinegar proof cover. Lemon curd should have wax circle and cellophane top. 
  • Wine and liqueur should be exhibited in clear bottles, filled to leave an air space of approx. 2.5cm (1”). A plastic top flanged cork should be used (for easy removal). 
  • Craft needlework and knitting should be all your own work and must not have been washed. For knitting classes attach the band or label from the wool used. 
  • Artwork needs to be your own work, with no name visible. Ensure that your work can be hung from the vertical board provided. 
  • For junior classes parents may inspire and encourage but the main effort should come from the child. Ensure exhibitions labels have the age of the competitor on. 
  • In floral art use only plant material, no artificial flowers or foliage allowed, but accessories are permitted. All arrangements will be view from the front only and any oversized arrangements will unfortunately not be judged. 


We hope this guide will help you to prepare for the show and if you are unsure about anything please contact us and we will try to help.   Above all, 

Good Luck and enjoy the show!