The horticultural show is held on the Sunday of the show in the Ridley Suite.  Are you an accomplished grower, or maybe just enjoy your garden?  We encourage everyone to enter, so don’t think your flowers, plants, fruit or vegetables are not good enough to exhibit.  GIVE IT A GO!

Visitors make a point of coming in to this section of the Show every year and enjoy a quiet and fragrant retreat from the hustle and bustle of the showground. 

Newcomers are always welcome and it is a great day out for all the family, particularly if you win a prize! 

We look forward to seeing you there.  It is you, the exhibitor, who makes the Show a great success by creating a wonderful diversity of imagination and effort – from decorative dahlias to radiant roses and magnificent marrows! 



Section Secretary

Mr G T Bradley, 11 Castle Close, Stanhope, Bishop Auckland, County Durham DL13 2PX T: 01388 528615


Please let me have your entries early. S.A.E. for tickets and numbers would be much appreciated.

Special Notice: All Exhibits to be benched by 10.00am


Judging 10.00 am                  Entry Fee: 20p per entry                       Prize Money £5, £3, £2

unless otherwise stated

Judge: tbc



ALL DAHLIA BLOOMS TO BE NAMED and judged under N.D.S rules ALL CHRYSANTHEMUMS TO BE NAMED and judged under N.C.S rules

208.Two stands of cut flowers, each stand a different kind
209.Three Gladioli (Prize Money: £10 £6 £4)
210.Vase of Sweet Peas, 12 spikes
211.Vase of Annuals (sweet peas excluded)
212.Stand of Five Chrysanthemums (Prize Money: £12, £6, £4)
213.Three Chrysanthemums – Reflex
214.Three Chrysanthemums – Incurved
215.Three Chrysanthemums – Intermediate
216.Two Stands of Five Chrysanthemums (any variety – Prize Money: £20, £10, £7)
217.Vase or Bowl of Spray Chrysanthemums (3 sprays)
218.Three Decorative Dahlias – Medium
219.Three Decorative Dahlias – Small
220.Three Medium or Semi-Cactus Dahlias
221.Three Small or Semi-Cactus Dahlias
222.Three Pom-Pom Dahlias (One or more varieties)
223.Three Small Ball Dahlias
224.Three Miniature Ball Dahlias
225.Three Miniature Decorative Dahlias
226.One Vase of Three Blooms, Any Cactus and One
Vase of Three Blooms, Any Decorative (Prize Money: £12, £8, £5)
227.Five Colerette Dahlias
228.Waterlily Dahlias
229.Gent’s Buttonhole – Rose only (Prize Money:£4, £2.50, £2)
230.Gent’s Buttonhole – Rose barred (Prize Money: £4, £2.50, £2)
231.Ladies’ Spray/Buttonhole (Prize Money: £4, £2.50, £2)
232.Pot Plant – Judged on Bloom – Fuchsia
233.Pot Plant – Judged on Bloom – Excluding Fuchsia
234.Pot Plant – Judged on Foliage
235.Three Roses




236.Three Onions (Dressed – Prize Money: £10, £6, £4)
237.One Cabbage Spring Sow
238.Two Blanche Leeks
239.Three Potatoes Kidney White
240.Three Potatoes Round White
241.Three Potatoes Kidney Coloured
242.Three Potatoes Round Coloured
243.Heaviest Onion sound all round freshly pulled washing allowed (Prize Money: £10, £6, £4)
244.Three heads of Round Beetroot not to be cut
245.Six Household Potatoes
246.Three Onions freshly pulled (Prize Money: £10, £6, £4)
247.One Cauliflower (Prize Money: £8, £5, £3)
248.Four Eschalots any colour single
249.Two Heads Celery not to be cut
250.Two Carrots Stump Rooted (Prize Money: £8, £5, £3)
251.Two Carrots Long (Prize Money: £8, £5, £3)
252.Two Parsnips
253.Best Collection of freshly pulled vegetables, three kinds one of each kind, washing and
dressing allowed (Prize Money: £20, £12, £8)
254.Four Tomatoes
255.One Vegetable Marrow
256.One Cucumber

Trophy:     The Lonsdale Perpetual Bowl for Best Stand of Decorative or Cactus Dahlias

Trophy:     K Hodgson Memorial Chrysanthemum Cup + £5 for best Chrysanthemum in Show

Trophy:   M.C.Morgan Challenge Cup Perpetual + £5 for best Exhibit in Vegetable Section

Section secretary

Section Secretary:  Mr G T Bradley, 11 Castle Close, Stanhope, County Durham,  DL13 2PX

Tel: 01388 528 615