Fur and Feather

Poultry, Waterfowl, Eggs and Pigeons


Section Secretary:  Mr D Richardson, Fernleigh, 5 Front Street, Frosterley, Weardale, Co. Durham, Tel: 07879990467


Judging 10.00am                   Entry fee 50p all classes Guaranteed prize money £5, £3, £2


Please note these classes are those held in 2023. Classes will be confirmed for 2024 when the schedule is published. 

Please let me have your entries early. S.A.E. for tickets will be very much appreciated. Closing date tbc.



Poultry, Waterfowl & Eggs

Judge: tbc Under Poultry Club Rules


301.Old English Game, Cock
302.Old English Game, female
303.Heavy, Male
304.Heavy, Female
305.Light, Male
306.Light Female
307.Leghorn, M/F
308.True silkie, M/F
309.Rare Breed, Large, Male or Female
310.A.V. Asian H.F. Large, Male
311.A.V. Asian H.F. Large, Female


Bantams –Hard Feather (Asian /OEG/Modern)

312.A.V. Asian, Bantam, Male
313.A.V. Asian, Bantam, Female
314.Spangle Cock
315.Spangle Hen
316.Black Red Cock
317.Partridge, Female
318.Wheaton Female
319.Self Black or Blue, Male
320.Self Black or Blue, Female
321.Furness Cock, Not Blue
322.Furness Hen, Not Blue
323.Silver Duckwing M/F
324.Any Other Colour, Male
325.Any Other Colour, Female
326.O.E.G. Cockerel 2023
327.O.E.G. Pullet 2023
328.Modern Game Hen
329.Modern Game Cock
330.Modern Game Cockerel/Pullet 2021
331.Rare Breed, Bantam, Male or Female A.A


Bantams – Soft Feather

332.Wyandotte white male or female
333.Wyandotte Laced male or female
334.Wyandotte Self male or female
335.Wyandotte any other colour male or female
336.Sussex, any colour, male
337.Sussex, any colour, female
338.Rhode Island red, Male
339.Rhode Island red, female
340.Leghorn, any colour, male or female
341.Minorca, male or female
342.Rock Barred, male or female
343.Rock Buff, male or female
344.Australorp, male or female
345.AOV SF male
346.AOV SF female
347.AV SF Cockerel 2023
348.AV SF Pullet 2023


True Bantams

349.Serama male or female
350.Belgian, male or female.
351.Rosecomb, male or female
352.Sebright, male or female
353.Dutch, male or female.
354.Pekin, male
355.Pekin, female
356.AOV True male or female
357.True Cockerel 2023
358.True Pullet 2023



  1. AV Bantam Male or Female
  2. AV Large Male or Female



361.White Call duck Duck or Drake
362.Mallard Call duck Duck or Drake
362b.Miniature Crested Duck or Drake
363.East Indian Duck or Drake
364.Indian Runner White Duck or Drake
365.Old German Owl AA
365b.Indian Runner AOC Duck or Drake
366.Light Duck or Drake
367.AOV Duck or Drake
368.AV Goose or Gander


Egg Section

E1. 3 Large white E2.    3 Large brown

E3. 3 Large any other colour E4. 1 Large white

E5. 1 Large brown

E6. 1 Large any other colour E7.   3 Bantam eggs brown E8. 3 Bantam eggs white

E9. 3 Bantam eggs any other colour E10. 1 Bantam egg brown

E11. 1 Bantam egg white

E12. 1 Bantam egg any other colour

E13. 1 Waterfowl egg

E14. 3 Waterfowl eggs

Poultry club rosette for best eggs in show.


Judges: TBC


  1. Competition Roller adult
  2. Competition Roller young bird
  3. Birmingham Roller adult
  4. Birmingham Roller young bird
  5. West of England adult


374.West of England young bird
375.Tippler Adult
376.Tippler YB
377.Show Racer Cock AA
378.Show Racer Hen AA
379.AOV Flier AA


Owl/ Shortface

380.African owl cock A.A
381.African owl hen A.A
382.AOV Shortfaced cock or hen AA
383.Shortfaced tumbler Adult
384.Short faced tumbler Young Bird
385.Old German Owl young bird
386.Italian Owl A.A
387.Figarita AA



  1. Holle Cropper Cock AA
  2. Holle Cropper Hen AA
  3. AOV Blower adult
  4. AOV Blower young bird



  1. Modena cock adult
  2. Modena hen adult
  3. Modena young bird
  4. Show King AA
  5. Magpie, Barb, Carrier, Scandaroon AA
  6. German Beauty Homer AA
  7. AOV Homer Cock or Hen AA
  8. American Show Racer Cock Adult
  9. American Show Racer Hen Adult
  10. American Show Racer Young Bird
  11. RVPC Form AA



403.Lucerne AA
404.Archangel / Gimpel Cock AA
405.Archangel/Gimpel Hen AA
406.V.P.C Colour cock AA
407.V.P.C Colour hen AA



408.Limerick Tumbler Cock Adult
409.Limerick Tumbler Hen Adult
410.Limerick Tumbler YB
411.V.P.C Tumbler or Flier adult
412.V.P.C Tumbler or Flier young bird
413.Black/Brown/ Dun Mookee AA
414.Red/Yellow Mookee AA
415.Bar/ Cheq Mookee AA
416.A.O.C Mookee AA


417.None Whiteflighted Mookee A.A
418.L.F.C.L Tumbler cock or hen A.A
419.L.F. Muffed Tumbler cock or hen A.A
420.Dutch Highflyer AA



421.Jacobin adult
422.Jacobin young bird
423.AV Fantail AA
424.Chinese owl adult
425.Chinese owl young bird
426.Capuchine Adult
427.Capuchine YB
428.V.P.C Structure AA




AV Trumpeter cock or hen A.A

430.A.O.V(fancy) A.A
431.Juvenile Cock adult
432.Juvenile Hen adult
433.Juvenile Cock young bird
434.Juvenile Hen young bird
435.Matched Pair
436.Flier Challenge AA*
437.Fancy Challenge A.A*


Specials – Poultry and Bantams

J Hogarth Memorial Trophy – Best Bantam in Show J Gill Memorial Trophy – best O.E.G in Show

J & J Barry Perpetual Cup – Best Bantam in Show Plus Poultry Club awards



G.A. Burlison Memorial Cup – Best Pigeon in Show

Arnison & Richardson Cup – Best Fancy Pigeon in Show

Rosette for Best In Show kindly donated by D Richardson



Saturday 14th September 2024

Mr R. Wearmouth, 57 Sailsbury Crescent, West Cornforth, Co Durham. DH9 9NT Tel: 01740 652039

Entry Fee 50p per class Prize Money £5, £3, £2,

Please note these classes are those held in 2023. Classes will be confirmed for 2024 when the schedule is published. 

Please let me have your entries early. S.A.E. for tickets will be very much appreciated.


  1. Self black adult
  2. Self white or cream adult
  3. Self A.O.C adult
  4. Self challenge adult
  5. Self black 5-8 months
  6. Self white cream 5-8 months
  7. Self A.O.C 5-8 months
  8. Self challenge 5-8 months
  9. Self black U/5
  10. Self white or cream U/5
  11. Self A.O.C U/5
  12. Self challenge U/5
  13. Abyssinian, adult
  14. Agoutie, adult
  15. Crested, adult
  16. Dutch or Tortoise & white, adult
  17. Himalayan adult
  18. Rex adult
  19. A.V longhaired adult
  20. A.O.V non-self adult
  21. Non-self challenge, adult
  22. Abyssinian 5-8 months
  23. Agoutie 5-8 months
  24. Crested 5-8 months
  25. Dutch or Tortoise & white 5-8 months
  26. Himalayan 5-8 months
  27. Rex 5-8 months
  28. A.V longhaired 5-8 months
  29. A.O.V non-self 5-8 months
  30. Non-self challenge 5-8 months
  31. Abyssinian U/5
  32. Agoutie U/5
  33. Crested U/5
  34. Dutch or Tortoise & white U/5
  35. Himalayan U/5
  36. Rex U/5
  37. A.V longhaired U/5
  38. A.O.V non-self U/5
  39. Guide standard A.A*
  40. Unstandard guide A.A*
  41. Non-self challenge U/5*
  42. Boar A.V A.A
  43. Sow A.V A.A
  44. Grand Challenge A.V.A.A.*
  45. Youth Self A.A.*
  46. Youth Non Self A.A.*
  47. Youth Challenge A.A.*
  48. Youth Pet Cavy


* Denotes duplicate classes

All cavies to have water bottles



Tom  Sexton Memorial Trophy – Best Cavy in Show

J Ridley Memorial Trophy



Saturday 14th September 2024

Section Secretary

Mr D. Brophy. 102 Shibdon Road, Axwell Park, Blaydon on Tyne, NE21 5LX.  Tel: 0191 4216916/07888663911

Please note these classes are those held in 2023. Classes will be confirmed for 2024 when the schedule is published.  

Entry Fees: Block Entry £2.50 Juvenile Class. Block Entry £1.00 Prize Money £5, £3, £2

Please let me have your entries early. S.A.E. for tickets will be very much appreciated.


Section 1 – Fancy


R1.       Dutch Black or Blue Adult

R2.       Dutch Black or Blue Under 4

R3.       Dutch, Steel or Brown Grey Adult

R4.       Dutch, Steel or Brown Grey Under 4

R5.       Dutch, any other colour Adult

R6.       Dutch, any other colour, Under 4

R7.       Dutch Challenge, Any Age*

R8.       English Black, Adult

R9.       English Black, Under 5

R10.     English Blue, Adult

R11.     English Blue, Under 5

R12.     English, any other colour Adult

R13.     English, any other colour Under 5

R14.      English, Challenge Any Age*

R15.      Silver any colour Adult

R16.     Silver Grey, Under 4

R17.     Silver any other colour Under 4

R18.     Silver Challenge Any Age*

R19.     Netherland Dwarf, Red Eyed White Adult

R20.     Netherland Dwarf Smoke, Adult

R21.     Netherland Dwarf Smoke, Under 5

R22.     Netherland Dwarf, Red Eye White Under 5

R23.     Netherland Dwarf, M/Sable Adult

R24.     Netherland Dwarf, M/Sable Under 5

R25.     Netherland Dwarf, S/Sable Adult

R26.     Netherland Dwarf, S/Sable Under 5

R27.     Netherland Dwarf, Agoutie Adult

R28.     Netherland Dwarf, Agoutie Under 5

R29.     Netherland Dwarf, CHIN Adult

R30.     Netherland Dwarf, CHIN Under 5

R31.      Netherland Dwarf, A.O.C Agoutie Patt Adult

R32.      Netherland Dwarf, A.O.C Agoutie Patt Under 5

R33.      Netherland Dwarf, AC. Otter Adult

R34.      Netherland Dwarf, A.O.C. Self AD

R35.      Netherland Dwarf, AC. Otter Under 5

R36.      Netherland Dwarf, A.O.C Self Under 5

R37.      Netherland Dwarf, A.O.C N/Self Adult

R38.      Netherland Dwarf, A.O.C N/Self Under 5

R39.     Netherland Dwarf, Challenge A.A*

R40.     Himalayan, Black Adult

R41.     Himalayan, Black Under 5

R42.     Himalayan, any other colour Adult

R43.     Himalayan, any other colour Under 5

R44.     Tan, A.C Adult

R45.     Tan, A.C Under 5

R46.     Polish Red Eyed White, Adult

R47.     Polish Red Eyed White, Under 5

R48.     Polish, any other colour Adult

R49.     Polish, any other colour Under 5

R50.     Belgian Hare Adult

R51.     Belgian Hare Under 5

R52.     Lionhead, Adult

R53.     Lionhead, Under 5

R54.     Any other variety Fancy Adult

R55.     Any Other Fancy Under 5

R56.     Rest of Fancy Challenge A.A

Section 2 – Lops


R57.     Dwarf Lop Self Adult

R58.     Dwarf Lop Self Under 5

R59.     Dwarf Lop Chin/Agoutie, Adult

R60.     Dwarf Lop Chin/Agoutie, Under 5

R61.      Dwarf Lop, Sooty Fawn Adult

R62.      Dwarf Lop, Sooty Fawn Under 5

R63.      Dwarf Lop, any other colour non self Adult

R64.      Dwarf Lop, any other colour non self Under 5

R65.      German Lop, any colour

R66.      German Lop, any colour under 5

R67.      French lop chin/agouti adult

R68.      French lop chin/agouti under 5

R69.      French lop any other colour adult

R70.      French lop any other colour under 5

R71.       Mini Lop R.E.W Adult

R72.      Mini Lop R.E.W Under 5

R73.       Mini Lop Otter Adult

R74.       Mini Lop Otter Under 5

R75.       Mini Lop Chin/Agoutie, Adult

R76.      Mini Lop Chin/ Agoutie, Under 5

R77.       Mini Lop Sooty Fawn, Adult

R78.       Mini Lop Sooty Fawn, Under 5

R79.       Mini Lion Lop A.C. Self Adult

R80.       Mini Lion Lop A.C. Self Under 5

R81.       Mini Lop, Non Self Adult

R82.      Mini Lop, Non Self Under 5

R83.      A.O.V Lop, Adult

R84.      A.O.V Lop, Under 5

R85.      Lop Challenge Adult

R86.      Lop Challenge Under 5


R87.     Any variety Fancy/Lop Grand Challenge, Adult*

R88.  Any variety Fancy/Lop Grand Challenge, Under 5*


* Denotes duplicate classes

All Rabbits to have access to water bottles

Section 3 – Fur and Rex


R89. Chinchilla, Adult

R90. Chinchilla, Under 5

R91. Silver Fox Black, Adult

R92. Silver Fox Black, Under 5

R93. Silver Fox A.O.C, Adult

R94. Silver Fox A.O.C, Under 5

R95. New Zealand White, Adult

R96. New Zealand White, Under 5

R97. Satin, Adult

R98. Satin, Under  5

R99. Marten Sable, Adult

R100. Marten Sable, Under 5

R101. Siamese Sable, Adult

R102. Siamese Sable, Under 5

R103. Continental giant steel adult

R104. Continental giant steel under 5

R105. Continental giant any other colour adult

R106. Continental giant any other colour under 5

R107. Any other variety Fur Adult (please state breed)

R108. Any other variety Fur Under 5 (please state breed)

R109. Fur Challenge Adult*

R110. Fur Challenge Under 5* R111. Black Rex Adult

R112. Black Rex Under 5

R113. Marten Seal or Sable Rex Adult

R114. Marten Seal or Sable Rex Under 5

R115. Orange Rex Adult

R116. Orange Rex Under 5

R117. Ermine Rex Adult

R118. Ermine Rex Under 5

R119. Castor Rex, Adult

R120. Castor Rex, Under 5

R121. Any other variety Rex, Adult

R122. Any other variety Rex, Under 5

R123. Mini Rex Self Adult

R124. Mini Rex Self Under 5

R125. Mini Rex Non Self Adult

R126. Mini Rex Non Self Under 5 R127. Rex Challenge, Adult*

R128. Rex Challenge, Under 5*

R129. Fur/Rex Challenge, Adult*

R130. Fur/Rex Challenge, Under 5*

R131. Grand Challenge, Adult (All Sections)*

R132. Grand Challenge, Under 5 (All Sections)*

R133. Junior Dutch/English AC AA

R134. Junior N Dwarf AC AA

R135. Junior Fancy AOV AA

R136. Junior Lop AV AA

R137. Junior Fur AV AA

R138. Junior Rex AV AA

R139. Junior Challenge AV AA

R140. Junior Pet Rabbit

* Denotes duplicate classes

All Rabbits to have access to water bottles



Thanks to exhibitors

Stanhope Agricultural Society would like to thank all the exhibitors who supported our show in previous years and hope we shall have the opportunity to welcome you to the show this year, together with new exhibitors. 

The Fur and Feather section at Stanhope is a treat for all with many exhibitors.  Over recent years, this section has flourished and attracted many new exhibitors.

At Stanhope Show, we are committed to keeping the tradition of excellence going with top class examples of breeds. 

Meet the stars of the agricultural show

Visitors to the Show can walk beside the pens and see the great selection of local exhibits. 

Well behaved dogs on leads are welcome at the show, but are not allowed into any of the animal areas. 

Section secretaries

Fur and Feather Section Secretaries.

  • Feather: Mr D.Richardson Tel: 07879 990467. 
  • Rabbits: Mr D Brophy Tel: 0191 4216916/07888663911
  • Cavies: Mr R Wearmouth Tel: 01740 652039/07949 677497